Tribe Rewards

Join the Tribe and start earning rewards for all purchases you make!

Just for signing up you will get 500 Tribe Points, good for $5 off your next purchase!

Here’s How It Works

For every dollar you spend with us, you will receive one (5) Tribe Points. You can redeem Tribe Points at check out. Up to 2,500 Tribe Points (which equals a $25 discount) can be used on a single purchase. Any unredeemed points will be saved for future use. View your point balance on the My Account page.

Ways To Earn Tribe Points

Join the Tribe = 500 Tribe Points

Make a purchase = 5 Tribe Points per $1 Spent

Leave a review = 25 Tribe Points

Point Redemption Value

500 Tribe Points = $5 discount

1,000 Tribe Points = $10 discount

1,500 Tribe Points = $15 discount

2,000 Tribe Points = $20 discount

2,500 Tribe Points = $25 discount

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You must be logged in to your account at the time of purchase for your points to be added.

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